Concrete Blocks – 4 Inch

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44 Pack £ 65.86- delivered

Solid Dense Concrete Block is an aggregate block that is used for a variety of load-bearing applications. Measuring 440 x 215 x 100mm, it is manufactured from concrete which makes it robust, durable and an ideal choice in domestic projects.

This product is made with naturally occurring materials – colour and texture will differ due to the various locations it is sourced from. This should be considered if using this product for decorative purposes.
Features & benefits
  • Manufactured from concrete, making them robust and durable
  • Fantastic acoustic properties and can offer thermal efficiency when combined with the correct insulation
  • Provides a secure base for fixings
  • Frost and moisture resistant
  • Locally sourced

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Approximate Coverage
1 Jumbo Bag = 10 Square Meters @ 5cm (2 inches) deep

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