Pavestone Kadapha

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Contractors Pack £408.49
600mm x 600mm Pack £399.32
900mm x 600mm Pack £376.09
Single Slabs Available - POA

Limestone is an attractive, durable, paving which features a softer riven relief in the surface. Pavestone has selected three colours, all of which will complement both classic and contemporary gardens.

Black Kadapha mellows after installation with the paving weathering to a graphite grey. Should you wish to preserve the solid black colour of Black Kadapha, then this can be achieved by sealing the paving flags with Pavestone Black Stone Colour Rejuvenator & Sealer. Don’t worry if you were not aware of this at the time of installation, or later on, after it has weathered, you decide you would like it black, as it can always be rejuvenated back to black, even after many years.(opens in new window)

Pavestone Limestone paving has sawn edges that can be close jointed and has a soft riven face.


Contractor Pack (Crate)

900mm x 600mm (13 pavers)

600mm x 600mm (13 pavers)

600mm x 290mm (13 pavers)

290mm x 290mm (9 pavers)

48 paving tiles per pack
48 pieces (Crate) cover approximately 15.0m2 based on a typical jointing gap of 5-14mm.

Single Size Crates

900mm x 600mm  (Kadapha  & Kota Blue)


26 paving tiles per crate

1.8 paving tiles cover approximately 1.0m2

26 paving tiles (Crate) cover approximately 13.1m2


600mm x 600mm  (Kadapha)

38 paving tiles per crate

2.7 paving tiles cover approximately 1.0m2

38 paving tiles (Crate) cover approximately 13.9m2

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Approximate Coverage
1 Jumbo Bag = 10 Square Meters @ 5cm (2 inches) deep

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