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Leading Asphalt Supplier for South & West Wales

A&C Aggregates, a leading independent contractor and material supply business based in South Wales, Pembrokeshire, has recently installed a new Parker RoadStar 1500 mobile 120 tph batch production asphalt plant.

Located at Waterloo Industrial Estate, Eastern Ave, Pembroke Dock, our asphalt production center is the hub of top-quality asphalt materials serving South & West Wales. Whether you’re embarking on a small driveway project or a large-scale infrastructure development, we have the materials you need, available for collection or delivery via our dedicated insulated vehicles.

Our Asphalt Range

Selecting the perfect asphalt for your project is critical for its success. Factors such as intended use, traffic conditions, climate, and specific project requirements all influence the ideal choice. Below, we introduce the various types of asphalt we supply:

AC32 Tarmacadam

Designed specifically for road construction and surfacing projects, AC32 tarmacadam offers exceptional durability and load-bearing capacity. Its carefully proportioned blend of aggregate materials, including crushed stone, sand, and bitumen, ensures a smooth and long-lasting surface suitable for high-traffic areas.

AC20 Tarmacadam

With its versatility and resilience, AC20 tarmacadam is a popular choice for road resurfacing, driveways, and parking lots. Crafted from a precise blend of materials, including crushed stone, sand, and bitumen, it delivers a durable and skid-resistant surface at a cost-effective price point.

AC14 Tarmacadam

Recognized for its reliability and cost-effectiveness, AC14 tarmacadam is ideal for roadways, parking lots, and residential driveways. Its finer aggregate gradation results in a smooth surface finish that withstands everyday traffic with ease.

AC10 Close Surf

Balancing durability with a smooth surface finish, AC10 Close Surf is well-suited for residential roads, pathways, and light-duty surfaces. Its finer texture provides stability and skid resistance without compromising on structural integrity.

Open Texture Asphalt (6mm to 20mm)

Engineered with a porous structure, open texture asphalt allows for increased water drainage and infiltration, making it ideal for areas prone to heavy rainfall. Its design enhances sustainability and skid resistance, making it suitable for car parks, pedestrian footpaths, and other surfaces.

Asphalt Laying Services

Machine Lay: Our machine laying process involves the use of specialised equipment to spread and compact hot mix asphalt, ensuring a smooth and durable surface for roads, driveways, and more. Skilled operators guide the process to achieve optimal thickness and smoothness, resulting in a high-quality asphalt surface.

Hand Lay: For smaller projects or intricate areas, our hand laying technique offers precision and attention to detail. Manual labourers spread and compact the asphalt, addressing specific contours and details to meet quality standards effectively.