Try our Ready to Burn kiln dried hardwood logs

Kiln Dried Logs are perfect for wood burning stoves of all sizes and they burn hotter and cleaner than seasoned logs

  • Below an average of 20% moisture content
  • More heat means less wood needed per fire
  • Prevents build-up of soot and tar
  • Ready for immediate burning on all wood burning appliances

Our logs are much drier than seasoned logs. These high-energy logs burn hotter, cleaner & longer than seasoned logs. Our Kiln Dried Logd are suitable for wood and multi-fuel stoves, fire pits, chimineas, open fires, pizza ovens, and range cookers. Our Firelogs are sourced from sustainable Welsh hardwoods and are all FSC Certified.

Beautifully made but both practical and durable, our log stores deliver on looks, quality and value.

Our excellent quality wooden log stores are not only a handy and super efficient way to store and dry out your logs, but they look incredible too, making them an ideal addition to your garden. All of our garden log stores are designed to be the perfect solution keeping logs and firewood tidy and protected from the elements.

Our store is pressure treated with preservative and has an open front with slatted sides for maximum airflow through the logs.

It is fitted with a weatherproof felt tiled roof as standard and conveniently designed in modular format to allow two units or more side by side or a multi-unit of four stores. Stores are delivered in a flat pack format with clear instructions and easy to construct.