Pavestone Light Grey

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Contractors Pack £ 559.90
600 mm x 600 mm Pack £ 366.05
900 mm x 600 mm Pack £ 528.31

Sandstone is a very popular range of the seven predominant regional UK natural stone colour variations to ensure there is a stone colour to suit your project no matter where you live.

With hand-cut (fettled) edges and riven surface, it is most suitable for projects within a traditional garden environment.

Part of the character of Sandstone paving is that no two stones are coloured the same; however, when combined they create a rich tapestry of colour to make an overall hue as presented here. Seasonal changes also bring differing perspectives to the reflected colours. In strong summer sunlight a sandstone patio will appear to have less colour variation, whilst after rain the colours will be of deep patina.

Pavestone Light Grey Sandstone Paving is supplied either in a 4 size Contractor Pack or as Single Size Packs and so can be laid in either a traditional garden setting, with a random pattern of paving sizes or using a single size(s) to achieve a contemporary style patio or pathway.


20.7m2 Contractor Pack (Crate)

900mm x 600mm (17 pieces)

600mm x 600mm (17 pieces)

600mm x 290mm (18 pieces)

290mm x 290mm (19 pieces)

71 paving slabs per pack
71 pieces (Crate) cover approximately 20.7m2 based on a typical jointing gap of 7-14mm.

Single Size Crates

900mm x 600mm

35 paving tiles per crate

1.8 paving tiles cover approximately 1.0m2

35 paving tiles (Crate) cover approximately 19.1m2


600mm x 600mm

35 paving tiles per crate

2.7 paving tiles cover approximately 1.0m2

35 paving tiles (Crate) cover approximately 12.8m2

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Approximate Coverage
1 Jumbo Bag = 10 Square Meters @ 5cm (2 inches) deep

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